Current Exhibition


Join us for ‘Evolved’ featuring the work of Jeffrey Vilarino and John Ryan.

Second Saturday 11/9 from 5:30PM – 8:30PM at JTAG. (The show will run from 11/2 through Dec 1st.)

About the artists:

Jeffrey Michael Vilarino

Jeffrey is a native to southern california growing up in the south bay. He now resides in the high desert art community of Snow creek california.

He studied at Art Center School of Design and the arts department of U.C.L.A. His inspiration for this collection of canvases and sculptures titled “Evolved” started with his fascination with oceanian tribal folk art.

His canvases are backed with vintage pieces of tapa cloth. This is a wood bark that has been hammered into a coarse textured paper. Then it is painted with natural plant based inks. This creates many visual geometric patterns and designs with symbolic and cultural meanings to the different tribes of peoples using these in daily and spiritual life. These textiles are originated from aboriginal life. The tapas are native to the island civilizations of the pacific ocean.

Jeffery has used this as his background and has added found objects out of nature and man made materials. This is an “assemblage” of artwork that he completes with a contemporary design.

Symbolism and numerology also play a part and is intentional and meaningful in his expression of stones, metals, wood, bone, horn and fabric. The monochromatic color scheme predominates his strengths on the canvases and sculptures with repurposed items that become texture and pattern that creates contrast to the eye and mind that play against the shapes of nature and man.

On Instagram: @jeffreyvilarino

John P Ryan

Urban New Englander who found a home in the SoCal desert. Obsession with abstraction is what lead him to this beautiful place.

On Instagram: @john_p_ryan_art