LOOKOUT: An outside look at inside art.
Joshua Tree Art Gallery 61607 Twentynine Palms Highway, Joshua Tree, CA 92252
August Artists: Thomas Alban, Wini Brewer and Cesca
On view: August 3 – August 31, 2020  | Open Hours: Ongoing (Gallery is closed but visible FROM OUTSIDE.)

As we reflect and shift with the daily changes and effects of COVID-19, the Morongo Basin Cultural Arts Council is committed to the health and safety of our community. During this time art has the power to connect, uplift and inspire everyone. While most residents are staying at home and reevaluating the new normal, the downtown Joshua Tree commercial strip remains active as our neighbors and the farmer’s market remain open.

To continue our mission to inspire and enliven the community through the arts we present LOOKOUT, an exhibition series in the front window of the Joshua Tree Art Gallery. This month artists Thomas Alban, Wini Brewer and Cesca present a hybrid mix of figurative and abstract multi media work.

We aim to catch the eye of a passersby and shift their current outlook to one of inspiration and intrigue. Stay positive, stay safe and continue to make and appreciate art.

SERIES 4 | AUGUST: Thomas Alban, Wini Brewer and Cesca


Thomas Alban: Moving from Savannah, GA to Pioneertown, CA in the fall of 2000, Thomas Alban began working with clay. The many forms and colors of the Mojave Desert would soon be organically represented in his work; for instance, the erosive forces of sun and wind on wood as demonstrated in his popular ‘Wood Pot’ series – a faux bois vase so compelling people often ask how he manages to fire glaze on wood.

Also informing his palette? The layers of reds and rich browns emerging from old pieces of metal decaying in the sun over decades, contrasted with open blue skies of the high desert.

While he takes pride in the true functionality of his work, Thomas also tends to stray into new areas that are anything but ordinary. Being largely self-educated in the medium of clay, he’s not anchored to old-school thinking when it comes to form and function.

Each piece at MazAmar Sculptural is unique and one of a kind, and each has found its way into the collections of his many clients from around the world, knowing the work will live on. Artist website: mazamarsculptural.com

Wini Brewer: Born in Hartford, Connecticut, Wini Brewer maintains studios in Los Angeles and the California high desert.

She studied at Art Center College of Design Pasadena, California State University Long Beach, and University of California Los Angeles. She is the recipient of two Vermont Studio Center fellowships.

Her current work is process driven, combining abstraction and pattern with representational elements, using layered acrylics and glazes often juxtaposed with black and white graphics or collage. Favorite subjects include women, birds, bees, rabbits, and trees.

Selected exhibits include (solo) Kerckhoff Gallery/UCLA, Pharmaka, Coagula Curatorial, La Luz de Jesus, Red Dot Gallery, Barnsdall Art Center, LA Art Core, bG Gallery/Bergamot Station, San Diego Art Institute, Palm Springs Art Museum, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Torrance Art Museum, Beta Main Museum/Los Angeles, Neutra Institute Museum/Los Angeles, Reykjavik Art Museum/Iceland, Yucca Valley Arts Center, and the Palm Springs Art Fair.

She is included in the collections of Kemper/Gilliam and Magnus Films as well as being represented in private and corporate collections throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Artist website: winibrewer.com

Cesca’s practice is inspired by shapes, textures and contrasts. She loves the way it makes the textures pop. Not putting too much planning in a piece, Cesca likes to just let it flow and see what comes up. These two new portraits were inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. Having studied realism for 14 years, Cesca loves the freedom of abstract expressionism, especially when combined with dance. Dance a little, make a brush stroke, dance some more, make another brush strong, and so on. Cesca doesn’t title many pieces because she wants the viewer to take part in the conversation. “I want them to decide what they feel."

Indigenous to California, Cesca moved to the Morongo Basin in 1981, with recent stays in Oregon, Washington and Colorado. Art studies include community colleges and the Arts Student League of Denver.

She created a wine label for Castillo de Feliciana in Oregon and has shown her work in Galleries in Oregon, Washington and Denver, Colorado. Artist website: fineartbycesca.com

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