LOOKOUT: An outside look at inside art.
Joshua Tree Art Gallery 61607 Twentynine Palms Highway, Joshua Tree, CA 92252
November Artists: John Henson, Regina Kirillov & Cindy Rinne
On view: November 13 – December 4 | Open Hours: 24 Hours a day

As we reflect and shift with the daily changes and effects of COVID-19, the Morongo Basin Cultural Arts Council is committed to the health and safety of our community. During this time art has the power to connect, uplift and inspire everyone. While residents are staying at home and reevaluating the new normal, the downtown Joshua Tree commercial strip remains active as our neighbors and the farmer’s market remain open.

To continue our mission to inspire and enliven the community through the arts we present LOOKOUT, an exhibition series in the front window of the Joshua Tree Art Gallery. This month artists John Henson, Regina Kirillov and Cindy Rinne present a mix of figurative and expressive mixed media work created with alternative materials.

We aim to catch the eye of a passersby and shift their current outlook to one of inspiration and intrigue. Work will rotate every Saturday and will be on view until December 4.

Series 6: John Henson, Regina Kirillov & Cindy Rinne

John Henson is a self-taught artist, influenced by the spirit of the hi-desert and its vast creative community. After a 35-year career as a concert presenter, he now focuses primarily on his nail art and assemblage projects.

“Making art with a nails is an exercise in patience. For me it has become a form of meditation. My general approach to artmaking is to repurpose materials in my surroundings, and the idea of nail art came to me after I inherited a bucket of used nails from a theater scene shop. Only later did it occur to me that this art form could be my way of processing the loss of my younger brother Jerry who, as a roofing installer, probably pounded more nails than I ever will. My thoughts are often with him when I’m working."

After ten years of hammering close to 400,000 nails, Henson went back to the drawing board to develop a technique using a nail gun. This was a year-long process, and has led to an exciting new era for his nail art, resulting in new pieces with more nails and greater detail and expression.

IG: john_henson_art

Regina Kirillov: “I was born in Sankt Petersburg, Russia. The art entered my life when I began to study classical ballet with the Kirov. In my life I followed so many various roads. As I like opposites I moved from ballet to physics. Later studied English language and graduated from the Language School of Scientific Translation. Other interests led me into the Art Museum, the Hermitage where I studied history of art and finally worked as a docent. In Us I worked at libraries. Moving to the desert enhanced my life, which resulted in practicing photography as an art from. Since 2008 I had a number of shows, personal and with groups, in a high and low desert.

Through the photo lens my eye is searching for beauty in nature, in people, in animals. My mind knows that life is two sides of the same coin—good and bad, beautiful and ugly, birth and death, harmony and absurd… Trying to find as much beauty around as I can I don’t run away from the opposite."

Cindy Rinne: “I am an ecofeminist artist creating mixed-media fiber works as process art. These are collages layering fabrics from around the world to tell stories. There is not always a plan when I begin.I work in collaboration with the materials. Sometimes text from my poetry comes alongside the imagery. Nature is the inspiration in both animal, tree, and plant voices. People may appear. I work on several projects at once to allow ideas to percolate

Textiles hang like tapestries to form a sculpture or are quilted. Sculptures explore dimension on the body and are a narrative from my poems or a play. The wearable fabric sculptures are also meant to come alive in performance art. Body holding space in movement, pattern, and sound."

Cindy Rinne is a San Bernardino artist and poet who has created fine art for over 40 years. She has participated in several online group exhibitions through LAAA/825. Cindy had tapestries in “Woven Stories” at MOAH (Lancaster Museum of Art and History) and at RAFFMA at Cal State San Bernardino for “Voices of Ancient Palmyra Resounded.” She participated in “50/50, FIFTY/FIFTY, The Creative Magic of Collaboration” at the Progress Gallery, Pomona, CA. In 2020, Cindy was selected for “Hobson’s Choice” at the Torrance Art Museum. She has exhibited at the Beatnik Lounge and La Matadora Gallery in Joshua Tree and is represented by Desert Peach Gallery in Yucca Valley, CA.

Artist website: www.fiberverse.com | IG: @fiberverse

Please email gallery-director@mbcac.org if interested in purchasing work.

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